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Posted by Ineeee on March 24, 2010 at 10:39 PM

Mollee has a new blog!!! You can visit it HERE.

She has also restored her FORMSPRING.ME

This is the first entry in her Blog:


I have a bipolar love life.

Okayyyy so... every teenaged girl goes through a break up and falls in love like a billion times before they found "the one" haha... right?? well i have been in love.. well.. um.. twice. haha. and i thought this guy was the one. i still love him very much i just think we are too up and down.. hence the title "bipolar love life" haha.. well i am not going to say anything rude about him... cuz quite honestly he is an amazing guy.. i wish him the best and his happiness.. just wish it was with me! bahaha. i guess thats a selfish thing to say.. but i do! hahah :)


molls :)

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