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This is an interview made by Mica, from HSMusicalWeb, in 2008. Thanks MIca!

1-HSM3 filming is done, and it was probably the best of the movies...How does it feel being a part of the "Big HSM family" ?? Did you expect such a hit when you had finished the first movie?

 When I first auditioned for the movie, I had no idea what to expect honestly. All I knew was to do my best and hope to book it. Now that I have been in all three I have gained so many friendships, it's crazy!!!! We have created a family that will never be broken:)

2-You had 3 weeks of dance rehersals if I've been well informed. What's the dance number that you think it took you more time to learn?

The hardest dance to do and pick up on was the waltz, which was a part of "Night to Remember." I have never done that style of dance before, so it was difficult, but very fun to do!

3- Who's your buddy from HSM?

My best buddy would probably have to be Corbin. He was so easy to talk to, and he had the best advice ever!!! The best thing about him is he is so nice, humble, and he would never judge anything you would talk to him about!

4- If you had to give a young dancer an advice to follow her/his dream...What would you say?

If I was giving a little kid advice, I would say never give up. I was told not to go to the HSM audition because I looked to young, well I didn't give up on my dream, because I knew that is what I wanted to do, and now look, I got to be in three amazing phenomenons.

5- How cool is working with such a genious as Kenny Ortega is?

You can't even put into words how incredible Kenny is. He is amazing! The best director I have ever worked with, he is so nice and sincere and makes sure everyone is happy. Not only did we have a director relationship with him, he gave us his friendship, which allowed the set to become even more enjoyable. These movies would not have been the same with out him! I LOVE KENNY:)!

6- I'm sure that in 45 days there are a lot of annecdotes. Would you like to tell us one?

Actually between every take Chucky, the choreographer, would ask if I have fallen or tripped. Because on set, I fall alot so Kenny, Chucky, and Bonnie, always made fun of me. And even to the point where the dancers voted me most likely to fall down the stairs, or trip on a cord. Hahahahahaah very funny!!:)

7- Who's your favorite character in HSM?

My favorite character is probably Gabriella, beacuse she is a nerd, but also an amazing singer, and extremely pretty:) Go Vanessa:)!!!

8- Who do you think is the best dancer? and singer?

All the dancers are amazing! It is so hard to just pick one, because each and everyone of them have their strengths in different areas:) Same with all the singers!:)

9- When you're not filming, do you guys see each other?

When we are not filming we are always hanging out, going to dinner. LIke I said, we are all best friends, and created a family, so we always wanna be hangin out with eachother:)!!

10- Last one.. There might not be a lot of it...but what did you guys do while you had a little of free time?? Where did you use to hang out?

We did everything! We went shopping, swimming, go cart racing, dinner, everything!!!! We would even make up games and play them around the hotel:P haha we are crazzzzyyyyy!!!!